A Taste of What’s To Come…

A Taste of What’s To Come…


Lorette Snack Shack – The Dawning of a New Era!!

As has been well documented since the Flood of 2013, an extensive amount of damage was done to both the Mt. Kidd and Mt. Lorette Golf Courses on June 20 2013.  We are in the process of restoring both golf courses and excited to be re-opening in Spring of 2018

Miraculously there was almost no damage done to any of the building infrastructure at our golf course.  Now when we say “almost”, there were two structures that did get damaged beyond repair. 

1) The washroom facility near 15 Lorette,

2) The Snack Shack on the Mt. Lorette golf course.

Demolition of the old shack and construction of the new shack took place between the Fall of 2016 and the spring of 2017.  It is an exciting time for everyone here as the new shack is not only a small sign of new beginnings for this important project, but it literally is also giving everyone here a look into the future.  You see, the color palette of “Rich Espresso” used on the Mt. Lorette shack is the same new color that we will be using to help restore all of the buildings on site including the Clubhouse, ProShop, Tournament Center, Shelters, and of course Snack Shacks. 

Through a series of time elapse video and some photographs – you can see the transformation of the Mt. Lorette Snack Shack! 

We can’t wait to introduce it to all of you in the Spring of 2018!!!

Video #1 – The Demolition of the Original Lorette Shack

2) The construction of the Base of the Lorette Shack

3) The ground up!!!

4) The Roof and Other Outside Work


5) Photos of the Process

Here are some images of the Project from Demolition all the way to the finished product!

6) Summary

There is a visual presentation of the busy winter that our contractors had in saying goodbye to our original Lorette Shack and then eventually saying “Hello” to the new one!  We can’t wait to introduce you all in person in 2018!!


Until our Next Blog!!


Dave Rasmussen

I loved all the various videos and picture you have posted showing the work that has been done, even when it was -25, hardy construction crew. The snack house looks awesome, it can’t be called a snack shack anymore. The videos from the drone were fantastic, I particular like the drive down the fairway with a slight fade. Can’t wait for 2018.

    Bob Paley

    Thanks so much Dave! The crew from Baja construction was amazing working in such cold conditions for a good chunk of the winter. Their commitment and dedication to the project is very much appreciated. Thanks as well for your compliments on the Drone! Too bad that none of us can hit it as far as the drone did on that drive!!!! haha!! Have a great summer and hopefully see you in 2018!

Nair Bailey

Paid a visit to the course a week ago and it’s grand to see the progress. Your efforts to keep us all up to speed with the re construction is just superb. I always pass on your emails to fellow floggers. Let’s hope Mother Nature gives you a good summer to work with.
Cheers to everyone at Baja and the course for a great job…

    Bob Paley

    Nair, Can’t thank you enough for all of your support with this project. You were there for us during the Restore the Vision campaign and now helping spread the good word to friends and family. Your kind words are very powerful and very much appreciated by everyone on our team. Thanks for all you do Nair!! Hope you have a great summer!

Jan Vandenberg

Love seeing the updates on the progress being made on the two courses.
Look forward to playing our annual tournament again at Kananaskis.

    Bob Paley

    Thanks so much Jan!! We look forward to hosting your event in 2018 and seeing you back out here!

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