August Update on Golf Course Restoration

August Update on Golf Course Restoration

Unbelievably we find ourselves at the end of August already and counting our lucky stars on how great the weather has been this summer!  While we would have loved to see all of you playing these two great courses in this incredible weather, we will gladly take the alternative of knowing that our Restoration team has had great conditions to keep working hard on completing Mt. Kidd and Mt. Lorette!

So here is an update as to where we are at by the end of August!

  1. Sodding – At the time of writing this blog we have 28 holes sodded  (All of Lorette and 1-8, 12, & 13 on the Mt. Kidd course).   The team has also prepped the area around the Tournament center so it will be ready for sod here this week as well!

IMG_9116 P1180542 P1180543 P1180677


2. Irrigation – TC Irrigation continues to flourish in these dry conditions.  It is a bit of a double edged sword as the dry weather is great to be able to fuse pipe, get their work done, and not lose days to wet conditions,  however, the dry dusty conditions can wreak havoc for them when the wind picks up (which can be most days).   They have made great progress in August by finishing off the front nine of Kidd, putting in main line on the back nine of Kidd, and finishing the irrigation on 11, 12, & 13 Kidd, the tournament center and the practice green between the Clubhouse and Pro Shop.  Thanks to their team for all of their hard work in sometimes very difficult windy and dry conditions!  It is so very much appreciated by all of us!


IMG_9032 DJI_0031IMG_0088 IMG_0091


3. Shaping and Final preparation  – Same thing with the weather with our contractors from Goodwin Golf.   We haven’t lost many days due to wet weather and that has been very good for finishing and shaping, however, without some moisture the dry and dusty environment can make it a bit of a challenge to do the work they need to do, especially with shaping.  Having said that they have flourished through this challenge as they have all others they have come up against during this project.   None of us are complaining about the weather!! We will take it FOR SURE!  Our contractors have been busy working on the Front 9 of Kidd in the Month of August and now well on their way through the back 9.  As mentioned before all holes but #9 on the front of Kidd are sodded and they have been busy on the back nine doing the finishing work on 12 and 13 Kidd while getting 9, 10, and 11 ready for the finish shaping process.  Their large focus over the past couple of weeks has been around the Tournament Center area where a beautiful new practice green has been created for all to enjoy when we re-open.  Thanks for all of your hard work!!


IMG_0701 IMG_0462DJI_0104 DJI_0116

4. Grow in Team

Kan-Alta Golf Management’s “grow-in” team has been doing an incredible job of taking the keys from our contractors when the hole has been sodded and nurturing the hole to health once everything is sodded and seeded.  Ensuring that the new sod is heavily watered, rolled, and nurtured to allow for optimal growth is one of their key responsibilities.  Other jobs include:

  1. Cleaning out bunker sand and taking out weeping tile once the grass has rooted in around bunkers to get them ready for play.
  2. Compacting sand in bunkers
  3. Regular cutting of all greens, tees, and fairways,
  4. Consistently rolling all greens,
  5. Verti-cutting all greens,
  6. pruning trees,
  7. top dressing all surfaces and spreading out sand,
  8. rolling greens,
  9. fixing animal damage in all areas,
  10. aerating and top dressing greens,
  11. hand pulling weeds like unscented chamomile,
  12. flymo cutting areas that are too wet for heavy mowers,
  13. overseeding fescue areas,
  14. and much, much, much more.  

We are very proud of all of their hard work and can’t thank them enough for their attention to detail and passion for what they are doing!!


IMG_9511 IMG_9478 P1180710 IMG_0469 IMG_0485 IMG_0496IMG_0027038

That’s it for now!  You are up to speed with what we have accomplished to date!  The only thing more spectacular than the area that we get to work in are the people helping to bring this place back and the effort and passion for which they are working.  To each and every person on our crew we say THANK YOU!!!

  We look forward to seeing all of you in  Spring of 2018 when we re-open!


Brian Conley

Work to date looks great and will be a real pleasure to get back on Lorette. It is such an ideal location for golf.
keep up the good work in bringing these two courses back to life.


Howard Chisholm

This is indeed wonderful news, I have missed these two courses very much!

Rick Hurley

Thanks for all the great work
Looking forward to enjoying the 2 great courses in 2018 as often as I can get tee times

Thank You

Russ McFall

Outanding effort by the whole team involved with the restoration. Proud to be an Albertan and show case such a beautiful golf course. Thank you

michel driard

a big applause for whole team,to restored that special place,im looking forward to come next august to play
this magnificent golf course.

Jean Henke

So glad to see the progress come along. My husband, Larry, took us out to golf for our anniversary and we had decided there and then, it would be a annual for us; then the flood happened the next year. We will definately golf in Spring 2018 for our 27th wedding anniversary. Much overdue!

Darcy Cypris

Thanks for the update, Bob. A great job as usual. Now that the final shaping is under way, I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering exactly which holes might look different from the originals. So far the pictures would indicate that, from the start, the goal has been to restore not renovate. Nonetheless, I’m sure there have been spots where replication was not possible or may have been ill advised. I would love to know which holes may have seen any significant changes. Thanks for this series of updates. They have done a great job in detailing the progression of the restoration.
Thank you

Linda Clarkson

Thank you so much for all your work and dedication in restoring the Kananaskis Golf Courses. I appreciate the great job you have done and communicating the progress. Looking forward to spring 2018.
Cheers Linda

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