Before and After…

Before and After…

Few Words Needed…

They say (whomever “they” is), that a picture is worth a thousand words.  We wanted to provide for you a visual “before and after” of the golf course restoration project with a bit of a twist.  Normally before and after’s show the  latter image as the most beautiful one as an indicator of some kind of intervention (diet, makeover, what have you).  In our situation…like it has been for President Obama, it is the opposite (for the short term).  In these photos we are showing you an image of a few of our golf holes from before the flood (as the before) and then taken an image from the same spot (or as close as we could get!!!) as they stand right now…in July 0f 2016 to give you an idea of where things are at in the restoration.  We will continue to do this throughout the restoration.

Once you click on the flickr link below – put your cursor on the first image and double click on it to make it larger.  From there you can scroll through the 42 before and after images at 21 different sites on Mt. Kidd and Mt. Lorette.

The contrast between the two images at each site is quite interesting.  We look forward to showing you the following sequence –  a) before, b) mid construction (as you see it now in July 0f 2016), and c) after restoration photo (the finished product), so that you can see and appreciate all of the hard work and effort that is being put into these courses by our Restoration team!!!  It truly is starting to look like a golf course again out here!  Remarkable efforts and improvements!

Enjoy the images!



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