Behind the Greens – Mitch Jacques

Behind the Greens – Mitch Jacques

Mitch Jacques is a man on a mission!  He is the foreman for the Restoration project here at Kananaskis Country Golf Course and he is doing an incredible job.

In his role, he needs to consider and factor in all of the different trades working out here including:

a) general contractors (rough shaping, drainage, green/tee construction)

b) Irrigation construction

c) Sodding

d) Bridge re-construction

e) Paving

With all of these balls in the air, he maintains a great sense of humor, a passion for what he does, and an ability to empathize with everyone in their roles and responsibilities that are working on this project.  We are lucky to have him on our team to help guide the project and ensure that all is being done at the highest levels possible.

We hope you enjoy this unique format of an interview with our friend Mitch.  The interview is playing in the background as we show images and time elapse video of the restoration and what Mitch is talking about!

Without further adieu, please enjoy our latest installment of “Behind The Greens”…



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