“Behind the Greens” – Dan Philcox

“Behind the Greens” – Dan Philcox

Behind the Greens – Video Series

There is a very important human element that exists with the Kananaskis Country Golf Course restoration.  One that we feel is well worth talking about.

We have created a series called “Behind the Greens” as a means for all of our faithful supporters to get a chance to meet some of our amazing Team Members who are working hard to make Mt. Kidd & Mt. Lorette the best they have ever been!

Our first interview is with Mr. Dan Philcox who is a subcontractor with Goodwin golf.  Dan is a 19 + year veteran of the Golf Course construction business and has worked all over North America learning his craft from some of the best in the business.  As you will see in the video Dan is one of the most upbeat, positive people in the world with a terrific sense of humor!!  His phenomenal skill set as a shaper is only out done by his quality as a person.  Great guy who we are excited for you to meet!!

Dan the man…thank you sir for all that you are doing for this project!

Enjoy the interview!



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