The grass IS always greener…

The grass IS always greener…

Up to this point in our Restoration updates we have provided you with some insight as it relates to:

a) Clean up

b) Rough Shaping of Tees/Greens/ Fairways/ or Bunkers

c) Irrigation

d) Green Construction

e) Bunker Construction

f) Drainage


If you need any refreshers on any of the information about those phases of construction please feel free to visit our website at to get caught up to date!

The icing on the cake!!!

The restoration project of Kananaskis Country Golf Course is split up into 15 phases.  With everything else done, the 1st of 15 phases is now ready for something that we have all been itching to see at this golf course for over 3 years now!  GREEN HEALTHY GRASS that will flourish and grow for all players to enjoy when we re-open!!!!  Our team is fortunate to have the expertise of Bos Sod Farms to provide us with the highest quality Dwarf Bluegrass for tees, fairway, and rough and T-1 Bentgrass for our greens.  Bos Sod is also responsible for the installation of natural grass seed or fescues around some of the areas that are not so much in play on each hole.

The dwarf bluegrass  is grown around Coaldale on some of the best soils in Southern Alberta. They select seed varieties that are suitable for either the Alberta or East Kootenay climates, making their sod winter hardy and drought and wear tolerant.  The T-1 Bentgrass is grown in Abbotsford BC on sand which is compatible with USGA Greens. Its growing medium has been sterilized to protect against soil borne diseases and grassy weeds such as Poa Annua.  Bos Sod employs advanced cultural and harvesting techniques and are committed to the highest quality standards build on years of experience.  This project is thankful and excited to have Bos Sod as members of our team and providing us with the best quality turf anywhere!!!

Our goal with this blog is to provide you with a better understanding of how the whole grassing process works during construction.  Here goes!!

a) Transportation

P1180675   P1180677

The sod is trucked in from two locations.  The T-1 Bentgrass is sent from Abbotsford and the Dwarf Bluegrass is sent from Coaldale.  High levels of communication need to exist between Kan-Alta Golf Management and our Grass purveyors at Bos Sod so that Sod trucks bring the appropriate amount of product at the correct time.

b) Fertilizer

P1180710     P1180720

Before any grass or hydroseed is brought to a hole, our Head Superintendent, Calvin McNeely and Assistant Superintendent Mr. Mike Gentry both carefully apply a granular fertilizer to the areas.

c) Hydroseeding Fescue

P1180705 P1180709

The first  step involved in the grassing process on any given hole is the application of a fescue seed that will provide the outlying area of each hole with a beautiful natural look.  The process of putting this seed on the ground is called hydroseeding.  Essentially what happens is that the area that is receiving fescue seed is “roughed up a bit” to ensure that the seed has an appropriate environment to grow in.  After that, the fescue seed is planted directly into the ground and then covered with a mixture of mulch, water, and a tackifier that ensures that once the mixture is on the ground it doesn’t move (see photos above).  This enables the seed to “take” and germinate in the ground.    When Bos Sod starts their grassing process on any given hole, it is the hydro process that takes place first to frame the hole.  Architect Gary Browning will outline for Bos Sod what the boundaries are for the fescue hydroseeding along with the bluegrass so that all goes smoothly during this stage.


d) Bluegrass skirting around the green –


Once the hydroseeding is done on any given hole, the next step involves framing the greens with one strip of bluegrass that is approximately 4 feet wide as is shown above in the image.  This gives the team an outline to lay the bentgrass into and better enables our crew to hand water the green once it is laid.


e) Laying down the T1 Bentgrass

As shown in this time elapse video below, Bos Sod has a number of crew members responsible for laying, cutting, and fitting in the Bentgrass onto the green surface.  While it may not happen quite as quickly as it is in this short film, the team assembled here is very quick and efficient while performing at a very high level.  Once the bentgrass is laid down it is important to give the grass a very thorough soaking to help it get established and prevent drying out and shrinking.  This also takes place in the short time elapse video you will see below.


f) Laying the Bluegrass

Once the bent grass greens are in place, then the bulk of the work is to be done on a hole regardless of whether it is a Par 3, 4, or 5.  Once the Kentucky Blue grass is ready to be laid the fescue seed and green complexes have all been taken care of.  Laying blue grass has very intricate and tricky parts when they need to do it around bunkers, rounded cart path corners, or green structures.  There is some reprieve however, when they have long stretches of fairway where they can lay down long straight stretches of turf at once.

The images below capture the process of laying the Kentucky bluegrass







Jim Kadar

Amazing to see the progress of work. As an avid golfer, I’m in awe to see what it takes to rebuild a beauty like Kananaskis. Keep up the good work. I’ll see you opening day!!

    Bob Paley

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a note! It is amazing to see this team in action as they bring back these two golf courses to life. We are very lucky to have such a dedicated and passionate group of people wanting to make these courses the best they can possibly be. Look forward to seeing you in 2018!


Looking gorgeous! Oh my gosh….getting super excited!

    Bob Paley

    Thanks so much Shaylee!! It is exciting to see the progress here and feel the momentum of the restoration really starting to take hold! Looking forward to 2018!!!

Lyle Kindrat

Bob, good to see what is happening! Can’t wait until Kananaskis reopens in 2018! Thanks! Lyle

    Bob Paley

    Appreciate the note Lyle! We look forward to seeing you out here in 2018!! Give me a shout at the course or send me an email if you want to come out for a tour before the snow flies (or sometime next year). Good time to come as we are in all phases of the operation (rough shaping all the way to sodding).

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