I heard a rumour…

I heard a rumour…


Top 10 list of rumors about Kananaskis Country Golf Course

At the time of writing this article, it has been 1055 days or 25,320 hours, or 1,519,200 minutes, or 91, 152, 000 seconds, (I could go on but I think you get the picture…I was really good in grade 1 math…) since June 20th 2013, the day that hundreds of thousands of lives were changed with the epic flood in Southern Alberta.

During the past couple of years of uncertainty about the future of the golf courses, our team took a lot of strength from the kind words that people had to say about how important these golf courses were to them. In the 1055 days since the flood hit, we have met all kinds of people that want to share with us their thoughts relative to KCGC.   Here is an attempt to categorize some of our amazing supporters!

1.“The Compassionate one”– people with emotional stories about last rounds played with loved ones, reunions held at our courses, or marriage proposals that took place on our greens.

2. “The Passionate One” – people who hold the strong and unbridled opinion that these courses better get replaced or else…

3. “The Doubter” – Supporters of the courses to be sure, but their opinion was that there was a better chance of hell freezing over, Obama getting a third term, and McDonalds turning vegan than Mt. Kidd and Mt. Lorette being restored.

4.“The Insider” – this is the person who knows someone, who knows someone, who walks the dog for the person who mows the lawn of the person making the decision about the golf course. The only thing that surpasses their passion for these courses was their belief in the rumors that they heard over time. It is this wonderful and entertaining group of people who provided us the meat and substance for this top 10 list of rumors that we have heard since the flood about what the future of these golf courses was. All of these points below have not been made up but represent actual conversations that we have had with different members of the group we call “the Insider” since the flood.


Top Ten List

10) “There will be golf again in Kananaskis but it will only be 18 holes” (most common rumor we have heard by far. Pleased to say that the decision was to restore all 36 holes)

9) (This was said during the election before the NDP party won and the PC party was still in power). “I have heard that the Wildrose party is going to purchase the golf course from the PC party and use it as a tool to get support from the golfers in the Alberta election.

8) The decision has been made to zone the area a bird sanctuary. (That rumor was for the birds…see what I did there?)

7) The courses were going to be used as a number of different paintball courses. (While I love golf and our business and this special place, I would be lying if I didn’t think it would be cool to play paintball out here just once…ONLY ONCE! And then make it back into a golf course.  So cool!)

6)   The courses are being sold to a Chinese investor who sees it as an investment to market to his country that still dramatically lacks golf courses. (If true, I wonder how well it would have gone over that  citizens of China received a “locals discount” but Albertans did not….)

5) The courses are going to be used as an off-leash dog walking park for visitors to the area. (why do I think that Conservation officers in the area might have a thing or two to say about that idea if it was ever close to coming to fruition?)

4) Another casino was being planned for the Valley and the Golf Course area was where they were zoning it. (Hope nobody put any money down in Vegas on this rumor…honestly…I’m on fire…get it…put money down? Casino…gambling.  Never mind…I thought it was funny).

3) Yoga retreat (might still have merit…perhaps we could do a yoga/golf retreat? Your thinking about it aren’t you… It has merit doesn’t it??)

2) The area and facilities would be converted for use to being an International School (I would travel across the world to go to school in an area like Kananaskis, are you kidding me?  Thankfully this one wasn’t true either!)

1) The courses were going to cost 25 million a hole to fix, so there was no way they were going to commit to that kind of investment. (If it cost $900 million dollars to bring these courses back, I think there would be a better chance of hell freezing over, Obama getting a third term, and McDonalds turning Vegan than us EVER restoring these courses).  Thankfully the actual budget for the entire project is less than half of his rumored cost for just one hole!!!

These rumors only represents some of the “Insider information” that we have been exposed to in numerous conversations. Thankfully I am happy to say that the only true rumor is this;  Kananaskis Country Golf Course is going to be restored to be a 36 hole facility that will be better than ever so that generations for many many years can come, enjoy the mountains, enjoy the best service anywhere in the world, decompress, and reconnect with family and friends!



220px-Kadalundi_Bird_Sanctuary Four_people_covere_3308390b

Rumor #8 – Bird Sanctuary??  Nope…                   Rumor #7 – Uhh..nope…not paintball


130409192229-gallery-china-golf-shanshan-horizontal-large-gallery             600_254284222

Rumor #6 – Not so much a Chinese investor…                  Rumor #5 – Dogs as caddies?  but not an off-leash area


Seneca-Niagara-Casino          Yoga-Cover-Photo

Rumor #4 – Casino??  Wouldn’t bet on it.. (AO!)        Rumor #3 – Looks amazing doesn’t it!  Don’t rule this out yet!


untitled                                      untitled

Rumor #2 – Class is out on this rumor                                  Rumor 1 – Can’t believe I found this photo!!!!















XtraPortly aka Robert Sendall

These courses were the two most beautiful (designed by Robert Trent Jones) golf courses my wife and I ever played. they were her favorite golf courses and were the reason we would drive thousands of miles to Alberta from Nevada. It was so sad to hear they were destroyed. They are a National Asset and pride. I hope they are restored not redesigned.

    Kananaskis Country Golf Course

    Thanks for the kind words! We look forward to hosting you and your wife when we re-open in 2018. Our intention all along has been to honor the design of Robert Trent Jones Sr in the form of a restoration of both Mt. Kidd and Mt. Lorette. The project will have some tweaks done to the design to help address things like pace of play concerns, player enjoyment, and drainage issues that arose over time. We are looking forward to showcasing them soon when we are done!!!

Teri Gill

I would love to see the course redesigned slightly to account for watershed in the valley. If Evan Thomas creek wants to run right through the middle of the course it is probably not the best idea to divert it again. Working WITH nature may prevent future catastrophic damage if we get another 100 year rainfall.

Comp Clarketon

I’ll do Yoga there when Artie dons tights and leads the class!!

    Bob Paley

    Sold!! I think we can arrange that Clark! It probably will pay him better than getting golf balls out of the ponds!

Dave Wilson

Any chance we can start reserving tee times for 2018 opening soon?
We had a lot of family events out there and look forward to making some new ones.

    Bob Paley

    Thanks for the comment Dave! Your words are magic to our ears!! We look forward to being a part of your family events in the future…a huge part of who what makes us tick!! We don’t have a definite date or timeline set for taking tee times as we still have much to accomplish. If all goes according to plan, we will likely be looking at something early in 2018 to start taking times. We will definitely make it known when we will start taking bookings. Thanks for the interest and thanks for reading the blog. Keep in touch.


I absolutely love these courses and am thrilled they will be restored. We last played there the Monday before the flood. My back says a yoga – golf combo is a winner. Maybe yoga-golf-yoga-mountain bike-more yoga days in K-country…

    Bob Paley

    Dave thanks for the kind words as we love to hear how special these courses were to our supporters!!! It’s crazy to think that you played only a handful of days before the disaster isn’t it? If there is a silver lining to it all (and there are many by the way), it is that the breach to the Evan Thomas Riverbank happened so early in the day and no golfers or staff were out on the course yet. It breached at about 5:00 am or so on the morning of June 20th, 2013. Thanks for the comment and we will definitely have to look into the yoga laden program that you are suggesting. Might be great for all of our backs after this restoration!!!! Take care Dave!

Larry Presiloski

It is great news to hear and see what is happening at one of my favorite golf courses. I purchased a “Restore the Vision” golf shirt and cap when someone was trying to raise funds in support of restoring the golf courses.

I have played many rounds of golf, had a lot of fun at both courses and look forward to doing so again in 2018.

All the best and good luck in the future. See you soon.

    Bob Paley

    Thanks for the kind words Larry and thanks again so much for your support of the Restore the Vision Campaign that we ran around Christmas of 2013! We are very much looking forward to having you out when we do re-open in 2018! Enjoy your summer and see you soon!

Hugh Benham

I have another rumour to share that I mistakenly have been passing along. I had been “told” 😜 that 27 holes was the new number. Thrilled to know that like many other times I was mistaken. More excited to now be just a few moments drive away at Fortress Junction! WooHooo

    Bob Paley

    Awesome Hugh! There are no shortage of rumors out there for sure! 36 holes to be open in 2018. We will look forward to seeing you then!

Dave Rasmussen

Great news. I always knew that both courses would be restored with a few tweaks here and there. My brother and brother-in-law and ?I would spend a “boys” weekend golfing, and we would always say what a wonderful place and the views were spectacular. Two of my favorite golf courses.

    Bob Paley

    Thanks so much Dave! Love the feedback and look forward to seeing the “boys” weekend tradition rekindled when we re-open in 2018!

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