It’s all about perspective…

It’s all about perspective…

Sometimes the world needs a little bit of perspective.  Like when a person with 20 sports cars is on the look out for a 21st…or when a spoiled child cries at Christmas when they don’t get the latest Ipad from Santa while a fellow classmate wakes up to an empty house that can’t afford Christmas.  Without getting too heavy on this topic, we wanted to provide all of you with some interesting and fun facts about the restoration out here and what kinds of huge numbers are a part of our program.
1) The amount of Bentgrass sod that we need to satisfy all 36 holes, three practice greens, and a bent grass nursery  is – 25, 479 square meters (almost 275,000 square feet) – This is enough grass to line the inside of the White House with sod five times over. The white house is situated on 6 floors and has 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, 3 kitchens, and sits on 18 acres worth of property.  The White house is 55,000 square feet in size.



2) The amount of Kentucky Dwarf Bluegrass that our project needs is the equivalent of – 631,417 square meters This is the equivalent amount of turf needed to cover 118 NFL football fields or  78 CFL stadiums (we are an equal opportunity Football analogy provider…)


3) When we are building our greens and Sand traps, we use a 7 mm size washed gravel sometimes called Gyra to help facilitate drainage– With all of the green and bunker drainage necessary we will utilize around 4500 metric tonnes of product.  1 metric tonne is 2204.62 lbs – the equivalent weight of 4,960, 395 all meat large pizzas from Dominos.  For those of you reaching for your Iphones to check and see how many total calories that would be…don’t bother.  We did it for you.

The total number of calories that you would consume in eating 4, 960, 395 Domino’s large All meat pizzas is 17, 063, 758, 800!!!!  Damn that’s a tonne but it would be sooooooo….worth it!



4) Each bunker here at Kananaskis Country Golf Course are filled with a base level of 6 inches of sand.  This totals 5500 metric tonnes of White Silica sand that we get from Golden B.C.  For giggles we wondered what the volume of 5500 metric tonnes would be and we discovered that it could fill up 9, 554, 548 cans of cold delicious ice cold beer.  Tell me that wouldn’t taste pretty darn good going down with the 4, 960, 395 large all meat pizzas that we have ordered from Dominos!!!



5) The project calls for Screened Loam to be used around all greens and bunkers for shaping and to ensure good/clean top soil around these important parts of the golf course.  The amount the project has budgeted to use is  15,000 metric tonnes – this is equivalent to the weight of the following:

a) 7.5 Space Shuttles



b) 1.5 Calgary Towers



c) 5555 Asian Elephants that weigh 2700 Kg each




6) 83,000 metric tonnes of Class 2 rock were used in reinforcing the berms on this river project. Interesting fact was that there were 9 separate trucks that worked every day bringing 4 loads each. That is approximately 720 cubic metres for a total of 115 days that it would have taken to get all of the rock here for the project.  BAM…that’s a lot of rock! That’s a schwack of rock…no???  How much you say?  Well we are glad that you asked.  It equates to the following weights.

a) Approximately 3000 truckloads of river rock!!


b) That is the same weight as 1, 140, 109 kegs of beer!!!!!



7) There were approximately 110,000 cubic metres of Fill moved during the Riverwork project around the Golf Course by the Contractors from RC3 Developments–

How much volume is 110,000 cubic metres??

a) Well…it would fill our large 1500 square foot Pro Shop right to the rafters 217 times!!!


b) Not really impressing you yet??  It would fill  880 million average human mouthfuls of food or drink…(somewhat disgusting…)




c) How about this???  That volume of material would fill to the top a regulation Olympic size swimming pool that is 2 meters deep a total of 44 times.  Wait…what?????



8) 35,000 willows were harvested and planted on the riverwork project and used as fish habitat on the Kananaskis river.
9) 1000 large synthetic bags were used that each held 1 cubic metre of fill to do riverwork project. Each cubic metre of fill weighs 4000 lbs which represents 4, 000, 000 lbs of fill in those bags.



a) That represents approximately $78, 000, 000 worth of quarters in weight (go ahead and do the math…we dare you!!!)




10) 166,000 feet of pipe is going to be used on our irrigation system.  That is about 50.6 KM of pipe or the equivalent of stretching from our Golf Course to the Stoney Nakoda Casino and back to the Golf Course.
11) There are 1, 420,000 feet (432.92 km) of wire being used in the irrigation system alone. That is enough wire to reach from Banff to St. Albert (north of Edmonton).  That entire amount of wire is walked and set out by foot during the project.




Hope that you enjoyed this little bit of perspective as it relates to some of the numbers in this Golf Course restoration.  We can’t wait to show you the final result of all of these incredible numbers!!!


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