Kananaskis Country Golf Course Storytellers Needed!!

Kananaskis Country Golf Course Storytellers Needed!!



We have to tell you, our most humbling moments over the last five years have been when we’ve received incredible messages of support from our golfers, our community, and our neighbours. We’ve been touched over and over by the emails, letters and calls of kind words, well wishes and messages of encouragement. Golfers and Non-golfers alike have shared with us their love of the course, as well as their best moments of spending quality time right here in K-Country.

We were so moved by these tales of time spent on our course, that we had an idea.

As we move right ahead into our final construction season, we know it’s time to honour this special place and what it means to both golfers and Albertans. 2018 will not only be the launch of the restored course layouts and our first season of play in five years, but will also be our 35th anniversary. We want to mark this milestone year – and our new chapter post-flood – with a collection of Kananaskis moments from our opening in July 1983 to present day.

With this, we’re asking our golfers and those that have played with us over the years to submit their memories, moments, highlights, best golf days, and funny stories – we want to receive all your accounts of Kananaskis; from tee-time to Clubhouse cheers.

Submit your best Kananaskis Golf moments by sharing your photographs, videos, captions and stories with us by posting on social media, and tagging Kananaskis Country Golf using hashtag #KananaskisPlayTime. Or, send to us on email at .  Please only submit images and video that you own the rights to, and that you’re happy for Kananaskis Country Golf Course to use and share as part of a digital collection of moments.

We can’t wait to see your submissions!


Gary D Koehli

I started a “Reunion” golf get together in Kananaskis the second year thar it opened with some friends that I went to University with back in the late 1960s. This evolved into an Annual Golf tournament involving 12 guys every July and we were scheduled to have our 30th Anniversary Tournament the year of the flood. I have been in touch with Bob Paley and we intend to return in 2018. We have a photo album that documents our 30 year history at Kananaskis and we have custom made score cards for the last five years.

    Bob Paley

    Thanks so much for sending this Gary!! Look forward to having your group back out here in 2018! All the best!

Derek Duinker

Back in 2006 (I believe), a small group of four of us left the eastern shore of Nova Scotia and started driving across the country to a new (temporary) adventure in the picturesque and breathtaking Kananaskis valley.
We were fortunate enough to see the entirety of Canada in all it’s beauty, but nothing prepared me for the splendor of our final destination!
I was completely taken aback, and so grateful that I was afforded the opportunity to be a part of the grounds maintenance team with a couple of my oldest friends in such a beautiful place.
It was certainly a challenge at times working outside in all sorts of weather, but when the weather started to improve, and we were able to start seeing the fruits of our labor blossom, it made it all worth it.
Kananaskis is where my love affair with golf started. Before starting work there I had never had the opportunity to play, but while there and only living minutes away, I found my enthusiasm for the sport grow.
On the last day of work at the course, I was very sad to leave after making so many new friends and acquaintances, and sharing in the care of such a special facility.
That same year I was there they had a helicopter come in for the day to do an aerial fly over of each hole for a promo DVD, of which we each received a copy! To this day, I have watched it at least 10 to 15 times just to reminisce about all the good times we had there, and to take pride in how the hard work we put in made the course so beautiful.
I was completely devastated to learn of the state of the course after the ravaging power of mother nature.
All of our hard work that year, and the years after, lain to waste in a very swift and sad blow. We had resurfaced the tee box and target greens on the range the year was there, and after the ferocity of the raging river that piece, and obviously the majority of the rest of both courses, was in ruin.
To see the reconstruction efforts that all of the hardworking companies and people have put forth to restore this gem in the middle of the mountains warms my heart! Once more (very soon) the splendor of the Kananaskis Country Golf Course with be returned to its former glory. I hope that I may venture West again in the near future to once again play on the courses that I was so proud to have worked on/at!
Good luck in your efforts folks, it looks beautiful again already :)
Cheers from NS

    Bob Paley

    This is an absolutely brilliant post and something we are honored that you shared! So heart warming for all of us here to see how special this place is to those who have been a part of our family over the years. We appreciate you sharing your story Derek and hope that we get a chance to show you all the wonderful things our restoration team has done to bring our courses back. Keep in touch.

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