Kananaskis Olympics – Day Two

Kananaskis Olympics – Day Two

The year 2016 has been an incredible year for Athletic prowess.

In addition to regular incredible athletic events  like the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup Playoffs, NBA Championships, the Masters, US Open, and others, we also had special events like the Ryder Cup which just ended yesterday, and the Olympics!  WHAT A YEAR!!!

Well, we just wanted to keep the party going!!!  Just when you thought that High Level Athletics might be over for the year, Kananaskis Country Golf Course has made an informed decision to keep the competition alive.

Join us in the video presentation below for Day 2 coverage of the Restoration Olympics.  Today’s event; the Unicorn, is like no other event you have ever seen.  Balance, timing, focus, ability to shut out external detractors like wind, are all key factors for success.

Enjoy Day 2 of the Olympics!




It’s nice to see the course taking shape. I also love the entertainment you provide while we wait for 2018.

    Bob Paley

    Thanks so much for the kind words Dave! We look forward to bringing you more of the same in 2017 but are REALLY looking forward to 2018!!!

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