Name that room!!!

Name that room!!!

We need your help!! 

Kan-Alta Golf Management Ltd. is building a brand new room in the clubhouse in a very special spot near the revitalized lounge, new wine bar,  and expanded patio area!

The intent of this magnificent area is to create a warm and inviting space that will host up to 16 people for special events like:

a) business meetings,

b) birthday parties,

c) small tournament groups,

d) private dining experiences, 

e) wine tastings,

f) anniversary parties,

g) any thing you can imagine that requires a special space for up to 16!!

This area is going to be S.P.E.C.I.A.L.  and we want to give it the best name possible!!  Imagine a room that has all the amenities you could possibly hope for along with majestic panoramic views of the Mt. Kidd and Mt. Lorette golf course as well as Fortress, Wedge, Kidd, Allan, and Lorette from the warm and comfortable confines of your private and quiet space.  Simply put, it will be extraordinary.  

To give a place that is this special the perfect name, we need some help.  Please send any ideas you might have for a room name to our Head Professional Bob Paley at

In the meantime, here are some very early images of this special place!!

Thanks in advance for your help in naming this special place!!!



Dave Wilson

Hi Folks,

This may be a stretch but Jim Prentice was a friend of golf in Alberta and a great booster for the province. This is not meant to be political but I think he would be a good person to be remembered at Kananaskis.

When can we start booking tee times?


Dave Wilson

    Bob Paley

    Thanks for the note and idea Dave. Much appreciated. We haven’t identified a specific date to start accepting bookings but know that it will be between February 1 and April 1st. As soon as a decision is made, we will definitely be letting everyone know via all kinds of different means! Appreciate you reaching out!

Marc Boulet

New room = Allan’s High Ground or Allan’s Fortress!!

    Bob Paley

    Love it Marc!!!

Barry A Huxley

How about the ‘Phoenix Room’?

BAH (from the UK)

B Campbell

Allison Redford Room. Our beloved premier made a special place for herself in Edmonton so why not here.
2013 Room
Room 2013
Recovery Room

Hans Schaffland

Here is a suggestion: “THE AERIE”

‘Aerie’ is a term for the nest of a large bird of prey, i.e. eagle. Kananaskis Country is in the direct
flight path of migrating eagles in the Spring and Fall.
Hope you are all doing well. Hans

    Bob Paley

    Love it Hans! Hope you are well my friend! Appreciate the name idea!
    Keep in touch sir!

Murray Armstrong

One idea I had is similar to Han’s: “The Eagle’s Nest”
Another idea is: “The Lookout”
Another idea is: “The Genesis Room” (this name captures the ideas of new beginnings which is often the symbolism of anniversaries, birthday parties, important business meetings, etc.)

Buff McLellan aka Don

How about something to do with Restore the Vision reversed The Vision Room

A. Schabel

Based upon the gorgeous views, something like …. “The Perch or The Nest” might be appropriate

Rick Young

Couple of ideas for your special room: “Kan-Alta Room”, after long-suffering owners and great promoters of renewed course; then as a grass aficionado, and in honor of the grassy domain the room will overlook, you could consider “Bentgrass Room”.

Ted W. Melnyk

Hi Bob, it’s been a while glad to see things coming together! As far as a name for the room, how about “That Special Room”.

Ted W. Melnyk

Well if you don’t like that how about getting some revenue from corporate Alberta and use their name?

    Bob Paley

    Love the ideas Ted! Great to hear from you!!! Hope you are having a great summer. THanks for reaching out good sir!

Peter Golanski

An appropriate name although simple would be Mountain View


I would think that an Indigenous name in keeping with the local Indigenous group/s may be appropriate name for this room. Further, a blessing/prayer with an Native elder should be considered.

I am so looking forward to golfing at Kananaskis as soon as you open!

Wayne G.

As it is meant to be for many different events how about “OCCASION’S” with the slogan – “FOR YOUR SPECIAL EVENT”

    Bob Paley

    Very cool. Thanks Wayne!


Wow. Things look outstanding. I was wondering what has been done to insure that if we get another bad flood has there been any preventive measures put in place so you don’t get washed away or damaged? Lougheeds Lounge is my choice for a name. Can hardly wait to get my “kept the pace” ball marker.


Wow. It will great once again to play Alberta’s Gems. What have you done to ensure the course doesn’t get washed away in a future flood. My pick for a name is Lougheeds Lounge.

    Bob Paley

    Love the email address! During the same time as the golf course restoration last year there was a significant amount of work done to the Evan Thomas and Kananaskis River along the golf course. Berms were built up and fortified as well as the additional width of the river compliments of mother nature and the flood. While there is no guarantee against mother nature as we all know, our area is in a much better place than it was before the flood. Appreciate you reaching out and love the name Lougheeds Lounge.

Brad C

Hi Bob

I really like the “aerie” idea too… i would add Raptor => Raptor Aerie…

I would suggest the art in the room could be around the “raptor” and local groups could be involved selling art which contributes back to the conservation of the many raptors that live and migrate through the area…
I continue to wear my “Restore the Vision” hats and shirts…can hardly wait to be golfing again at the best golf courses in the WORLD !!!

    Bob Paley

    Thanks for the suggestion Brad!! We have had lots of great ideas and will be tough to figure out the actual name. Maybe we will have a different name per day!! haha! We appreciate you reaching out!

Larry Leavitt

I am so excited for the reopening next season. Kananaskis has always been one of my favorite courses to visit and play. My suggestion for the new room would be The Loft.

    Bob Paley

    Thanks so much Larry! Appreciate the kind words and the great suggestion for the new room! Very much appreciated good sir!

    Have a great weekend!


Kanadream room
After Kananaskis and the dream to rebuild

    Bob Paley

    Awesome suggestion Myrna!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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