Pros and Cons of having Front End Loaders for a Cart Fleet

Pros and Cons of having Front End Loaders for a Cart Fleet

Pros and Cons of Using a Front End Loader for a golf cart

Bob Paley- PGA of Canada Head Professional- Kananaskis Country Golf Course

Part of each day I have the good fortune and opportunity to spend some time in a Front End loader here at the golf course to stockpile things like bunker sand, greens mix, or drainage rock to be used by our restoration team out on Mt. Kidd and Mt. Lorette.  I honestly feel a little like a kid in a candy store each time I get into the Loader because it is just so much damn fun and I have never, ever, ever had the opportunity to do anything like this before.

As you will get to know me over time as I continue to write blogs…there is something fundamentally wrong with my brain.  I would not challenge anyone who said that I look at the world a little differently than others might.  I see and think about things that others would not, and likely should not even consider.  As a perfect example of what I am referring to, I introduce you to my latest blog – “Pros and Cons of Using a front end loader for a golf cart”.  I don’t want you to think that I am not 100% focused when I am in the front end loader, however, I will say that as I have gotten more comfortable in it over time, it has freed up a bit of brain space to allow my mind to wander to things like this blog.

In an effort to keep this blog modern and “hip” (do the kids say hip these days?), I have attempted to not only provide you with the top 10 Pros and Cons of using a Front end loader for a golf cart but I have added some fancy hashtags for each that I have been told by our two boys will better resonate with the younger population.  I honestly have no idea why hashtags are so important and why I see them everywhere but I am a follower and not a leader in the social media world.  I just want to fit in…

Ladies and gentlemen, supporters of Kananaskis Country Golf Course…I give to you, the top 10 Pros and Cons of Using a Front End loader for a Power Cart at your course (complete with sassy hashtags for no real apparent reason other than to try to fit in to this social media world that I don’t really understand!)


1) Only room for one person in the cab –  Eliminates the need for awkward conversation with a stranger if you are “walking on” at a golf course and don’t know the other players in your group. #antisocialbuteffective

donald trump in golf cartP1180034

2) It would give you something that celebrity golfers like Justin Timberlake, Michael Jordan, and Mark Wahlberg don’t have – #beingyourownkindofcool  #envyofhollywood

Justin timberlake golfing mark wahlberg golfing michael jordan golfing

3) Six words…Front End Loaders Have Windshield Wipers – #nuffsaid


4) Instead of asking why a front end loader?…isn’t a better question…Why not? #validquestion

If people are using surfboards for carts, mountain bikes for carts, and even hovercrafts for carts…I implore you…why wouldn’t you use a front end loader?

Surfboard carts

surfboard golf

Bike carts

mountain bike cart

Hovercraft carts

bubbas hovercart

5) When playing golf on a construction site, you are a little more inconspicuous than if you were driving around playing in a golf cart. #Duh

P1180022 P1180023IMG_2540

6) If you are a bit of a shy new member at a club, what better way to try to meet new friends and be known by pretty much every single person at the club in under one day than using a front end loader as a golf cart. -#betterthandalecarnegie


7) Don’t have money for a cab after having one too many at the club after your round? -Try finding a golf cart as comfortable as this front end loader to catch a little shut eye and sleep it off.  #notpossible


8) Don’t have to worry about expensive electricity costs to charge your golf cart battery after your round #alwaysthinking

9) No such thing as a “bad lie” or a tree blocking your line of sight to the hole anymore. Look at a front end loader as the freedom to help yourself and others in your group to a little “forgiveness” in the off chance that you hit an errant shot  #getbywithalittlehelpfrommyfriends  #reallylonghashtagsonthislastpoint

front end loader in trees    front end loader in trees2

10) We have gotten to the 10th pro and haven’t even discussed the most obvious point of using a front end loader for a golf cart. That point is quite simply this…Who doesn’t look better in yellow?  #someonewithjaundice

Big bird Ella McPherson Lakers serena williams


1) Everyone wants to borrow your “golf cart” to help them push stuff around. Leaves less time for golf.  Let’s face it, if you had a real golf cart instead of a front end loader, no one would ask you to help them move a bunch of dirt around for them.  #gooddeedsgetinthewayofgolf


2) Lose your identity. Instead of people introducing you by name and wanting to get to know the “real you”, all of a sudden people introduce you as the person at the club who drives a front end loader for a golf cart.  No one will ever get to know the real you…they are likely just using you for your front end loader  #shallowfriends

3) Need to do a bit more research but I have heard that insurance costs for the front end loader might be a bit more expensive than a golf cart. #ridiculous #makesyouwanttopulloutyourhair

4) Can never wear the red or purple pants you look awesome in at the golf course when playing a round because it clashes with the bright orange and yellow vest that you always have to wear golfing – #fashionsense #ppe

P1180029 P1180028 P1180026


5) Somewhat limits a front end loader owner’s choice for golf courses as “cart path only” golf courses become a bit hard to play at as you don’t really fit on the cart path. #firstworldproblems

6)Unless someone else besides yourself is using a front end loader for a cart, it is harder at a public course to play extra holes during twilight golf as it is a bit tougher to blend in. #goeswithoutsayin


 7) In the early stages of learning how to drive a Front End Loader on the golf course, it can  admittedly be  a tad difficult to eat a hot dog, drink a “Gatorade” and operate a large construction vehicle.  #nocupholders

 8) Will have to put up with the naysayers who felt you should have bought a Bulldozer instead of a Front End Loader for a golf cart because it has more applications to things like knocking down trees, moving rocks that could be in the way and of course not having to worry about buying expensive tires.  #doubters

IMG_2571     vs.         P1180001

9)I know what we said earlier but if we are being honest…nobody looks good in yellow…am I right?   #bigbirdkindascaresme  #mellowonyellow #especiallyadudewithjaundice

Big birdElla McPhersonLakersserena williams

10) With new found fame derived from using a front end loader use on the golf course, there will be an increase in both TV and Newspaper Media requests, which will then take away from your attention at work, which will then lead to you losing your job, which leads to you having a disagreement with your wife who never really understood why you bought a front end loader for a golf cart anyways, which then leads to a messy divorce with an expensive lawyer which winds up costing you even more money, which leads to having to sell your front end loader to help pay for rent now that you lost your home  and have no job.   #shouldhavejusttakenacart



P1180004 P1180008


Elaine Shannon

Oh Bob, you had me laughing out loud again with your antics! Thanks for the little glimpse inside your head. It truly is a magical place! :)

    Bob Paley

    Elaine thanks for the kind words. I have had the contents of my head described in many ways…you are the first to use magical!!! I’ll take it!! Thanks so much for reaching out and have a great summer!

Dominic Bodemeaid

Ha ha ha ha ha ha, quality material….. #bobbypaleyisalegend

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