As it relates to acquiring information about something we don’t know – humans typically take one of two directions. 

a) Make up the answers and play it off as fact – or,

b) Ask questions to those “in the know” and then consider themselves informed.

Admittedly I have done both and while one is a whole lot easier (and more fun if I’m being honest), there is really truly only one way to get the facts…ASK QUESTIONS!

Over the past four years since the flood we have received a number of questions about the golf course construction, the golf operation, hiring, the contractors we have working, tee time bookings, the state of the buildings at the course, and of course our opinion on Donald Trump as President (ok…not so much any questions on Trump but just wanted to see if you were still paying attention).

You are the Kananaskis expert.  Right?? Why else would you be reading this blog?  Rather than putting you in an awkward position of having to make up answers about Kananaskis Country Golf Course at that next backyard BBQ we thought we would be proactive and get you some of the answers to the most burning questions we face.  

Ready for this?  Let’s do it…

1) Are they rebuilding Kananaskis Country Golf Course?

You bet we are.  Decision was made on July 18th 2014 to restore this amazing facility!

2) I have heard they are just building 18 holes but then someone told me it was 27.  Which is it?

Uh…neither!  We will be restoring all 36 holes of the Mt. Kidd and Mt. Lorette golf courses!

3) Were the buildings damaged as much as the golf course?

Fortunately almost all of the buildings made it through the flood without any damage.  Two buildings that were damaged and needed to be replaced were the Mt. Lorette Snack Shack and the Washroom on the 15th hole at Mt. Lorette.  

4) Will there still be an Alberta Discount?

100% – we wouldn’t have it any other way!

5) When can we start to book individual tee times?

While we have not yet picked the actual date, we are planning on the reservation office opening up in the first few months of 2018.  Once we have selected the actual date we will be sharing it with all branches of regular media, social media, and our newsletter!  

6) Have you changed the routing of the golf course?

As this is a restoration the routing of both golf courses remains very similar to what it was pre-flood with the exception of three holes.

    I) 11 Kidd – We have moved the tee boxes on this hole to a more iconic location and stretched out the hole to help with pace of play.  It was a short par 4 before which was followed by a tough par 3 and then a tight short par 4.  While it may seem counter intuitive to add yardage you are actually helping to speed up pace of play because people who hit longer tee shots won’t be waiting for players to clear the green!

ii & iii) 14 & 15 Lorette routing has changed to help introduce a wildlife corridor identified by Alberta Parks Biologists.  Very excited about the new addition!

7) If we are looking to book a group of 12 players or more for golf or business meetings when can we do that?

Our sales team has been hired and will be taking requests starting in early July.  You can either call the sales office in early July at (403) 591-7154 or email to the following addresses

Rod Proudfoot –

Trevor Secundiak –

8) I have gift cards from before the flood are they still good?

100% they are good!  We want to thank you for your patience and we will be happy to accept them when we re-open in 2018!

9) You are restoring the courses, are you doing anything to the buildings?

Yes we are.  The Clubhouse, ProShop, Mt. Kidd Snack Shack, and Tournament Center are all being renovated prior to opening.  Construction is to start in the next week or so.

10) When are you opening?

We will be opening up in May of 2018.  

Well there you have it…our Top 10 list of questions asked since we have been closed due to the flood.  If you have any other burning questions that you would like answered, please submit them here in the comments section or email me at

Enjoy the 2017 golf season!




Austin Höhn

I am curious what, if any future flood mitigation construction was incorporated into the re-build of the course?

    Bob Paley

    Hey Austin, thanks for the note. A separate project to the golf course restoration was a river work project that took part on the Evan Thomas and the Kananaskis River that run through the golf course and by the brand new water treatment plant. As part of their work, they dredged the river and also beefed up the berms in both height and materials being used in it. Hope you have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

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