Sneak Peek Event Winners!

Sneak Peek Event Winners!

For a place that doesn’t have a very large population – one of the very cool things about Kananaskis Country Golf Course is the incredibly large community that we have across the world.  This became very apparent to us in the early stages after the flood when we had thousands and thousands of people reach out to us from all over the world to offer their support after hearing about the devastation that mother nature brought our facility.

In September of 2017, we wanted to say thanks to a number of our supporters by having a series of sneak peek events to show off all of the hard work done by our restoration and grow-in teams.  This included groups like our alumni, partners and suppliers, “kan-fans”, and media.  As part of this celebration we wanted to identify four people who had a special connection with this place and would appreciate the opportunity to see the Mt. Lorette course in 2017.  We were honored at the reaction our Facebook promotion received and even more flattered by the wonderful people who love this place so much for their own special reasons.

We would like to congratulate our four winners and the guests that they brought to our Sneak Peek event that we held on Tuesday September 19th.  We were honored to have each of them join us and share in a very special day!  

  1. Nadif Lalani (pictured on the right) and his guest Travis Balaski


Nadif and his brother had a tradition of playing 36 holes every opening day.  Nadif was amazing to our team over the four plus years that we were closed down by supporting and promoting our Restore the Vision campaign over Christmas of 2013 and sending numerous emails of support and encouragement since June 20 2013.  We are honored that he was able to make time for us on the 19th and get a chance to see Mt. Lorette again for the first time!


2. Andrew Wakefield (left) and his guest Rene Proulx –


Andrew and his father had a very strong connection to Kananaskis Country Golf Course.  They were one of the last people to play the golf courses before the floods hit.  Andrew’s father sadly has passed since then and he wanted to opportunity to honor his Father’s memory by coming and playing the courses together in 2017.  Andrew has been our most ardent supporter on Facebook and has always had a special place in his heart  for Kananaskis Country Golf Course.  Thanks Andrew to you, Rene, and your Father for being with us on the 19th of September of a special day of Golf and memories!


3) – Peter Cardamone (far left) and his wife Debbie.  It was brought to our attention how special the Kananaskis Country Golf course has been for years to Peter, Debbie and their three children.  The Cardamone family are rallying around Peter as he fights a battle against Cancer.  We wanted to have them join in our special day to let them know that we were touched by his story and wanted the two of them to enjoy meeting Mt. Lorette 2.0.  Our community joins the Cardamone family in thoughts and prayers for a full and speedy recovery.  We look forward to seeing the five of you out here for many years to come!  


4) John DeSanti (far right) and his guest Don Wood. –  John has always given to his family and his community and expects nothing in return. John and his family are grieving the recent loss of a family member who shared some special memories with him at Kananaskis Country GC over the years. We are honored that John was able to join us with his guest Don on the 19th.  

We are thankful for our incredible community, from which we were able to celebrate and honor these four special individuals.  We look forward to creating so many more memories over the years with Kananskis 2.0!  We will see everyone in Spring 2018!



Bill Johnston

Awesome, congrats to the four winners. Couldn’t believe the Lorette course at the sneak a peek, and as usual the KCGC hospitality was first rate. It was something to be in a room with so many people that are passionate about the golf course and it’s people.
As an aside, I didn’t shoot very well that day but didn’t care.


    Bob Paley

    Thanks for the note Billy! Looks like you will have to come back to Lorette and see if you can score better!!! Oh well…there are worse things in life! Thanks so much for being with us for our special day and for taking the time to send us this awesome note! Please say Hi to Patty and please keep in touch good sir!

Peter & Debbie Cardamone

We would like to send a big thank you to all for allowing us to participate in the Kananaskis Sneak-Peek golf day
Sept 19/17!
What an amazing experience – a sunny, but brisk day of golf at such a beautiful setting, meeting you all & hearing the inspirational stories of the restoration of this breath-taking site. All your hard-work and passion shines through. Hearing of the many silver-linings was so awesome!
Kananaskis has always been a special place for a golf-getaway for us, but now holds an even more meaningful place in our hearts. This generous invitation you gifted us gave us both such a lift and we are truly grateful. Thank you also for all your kinds words and well-wishes, and yet-another great memory! We look forward to attending again in the spring and for years to come.
Peter and Debbie Cardamone

    Bob Paley

    Peter and Debbie! Thanks so much for the kind words. So special for us to see how much this place means to so many people. THanks for making the time to be with us on the 19th and to send us this wonderful note! Means more to us than you two will ever know. Please keep in touch over the winter and look forward to seeing you in 2018!

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