The Kananaskis Olympics

The Kananaskis Olympics

Now that the Rio Olympics and Paralympics are over, we felt like the Olympic party should simply continue.

Join us over the next couple of weeks and watch the First ever Kananaskis Country Golf Course Restoration Olympics!

Not many people know that many of our restoration team members are world class athletes…at least they are in the events of our Olympics.  While our team members were busy at work bringing back Mt. Kidd and Mt. Lorette for all of us to enjoy, they were unable to take the time to head over to Rio for the Olympics and compete.  As a result, we decided to bring the Olympic games to them.

Click on the Video link below and prepare to be astounded by the athleticism, concentration, focus, strength, will, and determination of our athletes/restoration team members in some of the World’s most grueling events.

Enjoy the first of a series of videos on the Restoration Olympics…


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