Transformation of Lorette

Transformation of Lorette

Listen… I am not going to lie that comparing our golf course restoration project to a caterpillar turning into a butterfly isn’t a corny one…cause it is.  But quite honestly the analogy that exists between the two is a valid one.  There is the parable told about how a person sees a moth struggling to get out of its cocoon and they cut it open to help it get out.  In doing so, without the struggle, the moth dies.  The lesson being that in order to achieve something beautiful like a butterfly, sometimes there needs to be a struggle.  Did I mention this was going to be corny?

Since the flood of June 2013, there have definitely been a number of struggles that our golf course has gone through to get to where we are today.  This blog isn’t intended to be a pitty party but the road to restoration has not always been a smooth one for these iconic golf courses.  First of course there was the flood itself followed by long periods of uncertainty as to whether or not the courses would be restored.  I think by now you get the point…and the corny analogy.  Despite a number of struggles at the start, we are now well on our way to creating a beautiful, iconic, and spectacular facility for people all over the world to enjoy for many generations to come.  As shown by this series of images below there has been a lot of hard work by our all of our amazing contractors.

As this blog is being written the Mt. Lorette golf course is about one week away from completion.  1 week…7 days…168 hours, 10,080 minutes, or 604,800 seconds until we have laid the final strip of sod on that beautiful golf course and we are able to celebrate a significant accomplishment of finishing one of two iconic Mountain golf layouts.  Once that final piece of sod is laid doesn’t mean Lorette will be ready to be play as there is a maturation and grow-in period that takes place with the newly laid sod.  Thirteen of Eighteen holes were sodded last year on Lorette and the balance obviously done here in early 2017.  As we are in the middle of some of the longest days of the year, this will help the grow-in process along with more warmth and direct sunshine than any other time of the year.  It’s kind of like Christmas!!

Like a proud parent showing off school photos and videos of their children, please enjoy below a few videos of the work that was done by our Restoration construction team of Goodwin Golf, TC Irrigation, Bos Sod, Metro Paving, and Baja Construction.  Thanks to all the men and women on these wonderful companies for all that you have done and all that you are going to continue to do to Kidd.  Your sense of pride, professionalism, and determination to do everything at the highest levels possible will be appreciated for years to come by golfers from all over the world.  We couldn’t have picked a better group of people to work our way out of the cocoon with (see what I did there?).

  1. Transformation of 9 Lorette


2) The different phases of restoration of #7 Lorette


3) Metro Paving Weaving their Magic on the Cart Paths

4) TC Irrigation

5) Goodwin Golf


6) Bos Sod

7) Kananaskis Country GC Grow in Team


James Bosch

I have been waiting anxiously for the reopening. I was one of many I suppose who took the time to view the devastation shortly after the flood. It was disheartening. Although we could golf there much because of personal finances we always seemed to make it once a year. it was a favourite venue for us. We will certainly be one of the first to enjoy the reopening.

    Bob Paley

    James thanks so much for the note! Always love to hear how special this place is to so many people! We will look forward to seeing you in 2018! Appreciate you reaching out!

Andrew Sleath

What wonderful news about Mount Lorette being completed. No doubt among many others, having played both courses, I was heartbroken to see, at first hand, the devastation caused by the flooding.
I look forward to playing your superb courses again in 2018.
Brilliant work all of you!!
Andrew Sleath, Woodbridge, Suffolk, England

Greg ryan

Hey Bob thanks a bunch for taking time to record the reconstruction. I can hardly wait for opening day.


Bob, you are such a good story teller of this journey and it’s always a treat to see the newsletter in my inbox! Mt. Lorette was my favorite and she is looking stunning! I can’t wait to play her again! Thanks so much for the updates and stories and don’t stop!

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