Update on Kananasks 2.0 progress!!

Update on Kananasks 2.0 progress!!

One of the most common questions that we are asked about as it  relates to the restoration is how are things going?  How far along are you out there?  Oh..and “can we come out to play yet?.  Haha!!  All great questions and for that we want to provide you with some answers (and photos).   As for the progress, please see below.  As for tee time requests, sadly you will have to wait until 2018!!!  We can’t wait!

Here is a little update for you since our last newsletter as to the progress being made out here by our amazing Restoration and Grow in teams.

  1. Last week of June- The sodding  on the Mt. Lorette golf course was completed and now the grow in phase for all 18 holes is well underway.  We can’t thank all of our contractors and Kan-Alta grow in team enough for all of their hard work and attention to detail to help bring these courses back for all of us to enjoy.

IMG_9511 IMG_9482 IMG_9463  053

2. TC Irrigation continues to make great strides and have completed 7 holes on the front 9 of Kidd and well into their 8th hole.  They have also started doing work on the mainline of the back nine of Kidd which will be a huge help once they are done the front nine of Kidd.  Great progress being made by some very dedicated and hard working people!


IMG_9469 IMG_9179 IMG_9032 IMG_9031

3. Goodwin golf has projects  all over the Mt. Kidd course including:

a) drainage work on the back nine,

b) finished the green construction on 11 Kidd

c) tee, bunker, and berm construction on 11 Kidd

d) finish shaping work on 1, 8, 7, 6, 3, 4, and now 5 Kidd that takes place immediately after the irrigation work has been completed.

e) much, much more!

They have a complicated task of staying ahead of the irrigation team and taking care of finalizing drainage, rough shaping, and bunker construction before the irrigation team gets on a hole.  As soon as irrigation is done their work on a hole, the keys are handed over from TC irrigation to Goodwin golf to start on the fine shaping which involves getting rid of rocks, double checking drainage, putting the finishing touches on tee and green mix before sod goes on, and working on the tie ins around tees, greens, bunkers, cart paths, and curbing.  Lots to do in a short amount of time, but always done at the highest levels possible!

IMG_9502 IMG_9153 IMG_9146 IMG_9040 

4. Sodding – As we mentioned earlier we completed sodding on the Mt. Lorette course toward the end of June.  Since that time, the team from Bos Sod has sodded 1, 8, 7, and 3/4’s of #6 Kidd.  For the week of July 24th they will come in and complete the blue grass on 6, 3, and 4 kidd and then put the T-1 Bentgrass down on 6 and 3 Kidd greens.  #4, 5, and 2 Kidd greens will be shortly behind these two.  If the weather continues to hold, we can continue to expect to see great progress from Bos Sod to help us achieve our goal of sodding both courses by the end of the season.


P1180729 P1180696 P1180687 IMG_9482

5. Grow in team – Kan-Alta golf’s grow in team continues to do a fantastic job of nurturing and taking care of all holes that have been sodded.  To date 22 and 3/4 holes have been completed and are in very good hands!  Responsibilities for this team include:

a) mowing all parts of the course

b) cutting in fairways and tees

c) removing bunker tile once the edges of the traps have firmed up

d) weeding the courses

e) limbing trees

f) rolling and verti-cutting greens

g) seeding and hydro mulching fescue areas,

h) cleaning out bunkers,

i) ensuring all areas of the course are well irrigated (not an easy task with all this beautiful warm and dry weather!).

i) much, much, much more!!

IMG_9511 IMG_9478 IMG_9125 IMG_9069 

Look forward to bringing  you more updates of our progress as we continue to push forward on this journey of bringing back Mt. Kidd and Mt. Lorette to all of you!!  


Happy July!


Frank Guy

Hi there, looks good, great photos, can’t wait to return to playing there in 2018.

John Borosiuk

From the pictures it looks great can not wait to play. How will we know when we can book tee times?

    Bob Paley

    Thanks for the note John! We will definitely let everyone know once we start taking bookings. Likely looking at a time between feb. 1 and april 1 of 2018.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer!


In the summer of 2011 I moved to Kananaskis to explore Alberta. I lived in a basement apartment on Niblick Place and I was devastated to learn what had happened to my former home golf course in 2013. I moved back to Alberta last year, and I am literally counting down the days to the 2018 season, and I am so excited to see what my favourite golf course in Canada has to offer when it re-opens. Thank you for all the hard work you are doing!

Mark Adams

I am so excited about the reopening of Kananaskis golf course Mt Kidd and Mt Lorette slated for 2018 which I hear from the changes will be even better then before ,I golfed there in July of 1983 grand opening day and its always been my favorite golf course ,its an Alberta treasure and I am sure glad they decided to rebuild it ,counting down the days to book and then play Mt Kidd which has always been my favorite of the two courses ,
Thanks for the updates and keep up the great work
Mark Adams

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