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Best Kept Secrets...

Are you one of those people who love to learn how things work behind the scenes?  Do you like to watch those shows or Youtube videos that let the audience in on one of the world’s great mysteries, or that debunk a well-known myth, or perhaps even show the trade secrets of how a famous magic trick is really done?

  • What are the Colonels 11 secret herbs and spices?
  • How DO they get the caramel inside of the Caramilk bar?
  • What kind of research happens in area 51 in the US and what do they know about Extra Terrestrials?
  • How did they build the spectacular pyramids in Egypt without the benefits of modern technology?

We all love to know something that may not be common knowledge or is considered to be a trade secret because it allows us to better understand that business, person, place, or product and in a way feel closer to it.  In that light, we would like to share with you some of the best kept secrets of Kananaskis Country Golf Course and perhaps debunk a few of our own myths.  Here they are in no particular order… Enjoy!


1)      Many people come out to Kananaskis Country Golf Course to get away from it all…decompress, reconnect and experience a peaceful setting to help unwind from a busy life.  One of the absolute best times to experience this special place to do all of those things is first thing in the morning.  With the sun rising over the rugged McDougall mountain range, crystal clear water that reflects the looming Mt. Kidd and Mt. Lorette peaks, birds chirping, and a wide-open golf course, early morning golf is an incredible way to see one of the World’s most beautiful areas in perfect morning light!  For those that do play early, they often take advantage of finishing early and enjoying a spectacular breakfast – which you can now do on our beautifully renovated patio to help you take in more beautiful mountain vistas while you share stories and tell lies about the round of golf you just enjoyed.  After taking this in, you now have the rest of the day to enjoy a beautiful hike in the area, go horseback riding, kayak on Barrier lake, or simply make your way home feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy the balance of the day!

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2)      Due to the nature of the seasonal golf business, a number of golf shops start to put their merchandise on sale in September to help incentivize members or guests to help bring inventory levels down before the snow flies.  At Kananaskis Country Golf Course, because of the large volumes of product that we bring into the store, we often receive volume discounts and are frequently able to take advantage of clear-outs; we turn around and offer that pricing right back to you.  What this means is that in addition to our regular value laden merchandise, we will always have a product(s) on sale throughout the entire golf season.  Whether it is our value laden green fees, food and beverage menus, corporate tournaments, or Golf Shop merchandise – Kananaskis Country Golf Course has always been about value and providing the best bang for your buck in Canada!





3)      Juniors golf for Free during Twilight times for the entire year.  All they need to do is bring a paying adult with them to help enjoy the round and they can experience Kananaskis Country Golf Course in all of it’s beauty!

4)      Our brand new Club Car Fleet of Golf Carts will have a USB port on them to allow you to plug in your phone for GPS or music and not have to worry about your phone dying!!  Just remember to bring your USB cord!! (if you forget, we’ve got you covered with well-priced cords in the Golf Shop!!! ?

5)      If the morning isn’t the most spectacular time to play golf, then the next most popular vote would be mid to late afternoon in our area.  Not only are tee times easier to secure during this time of the day but there are many advantages to playing during our off-peak times.

a.       The way that the sun hits the golf course at this time of day before it sets behind Mt. Kidd is awe inspiring for all who play!  If you are into taking stunning photos, this time of day is an optimal time of day to get your best shots.

b.       Always the best time of day for temperature as we are typically at our peak this time of the day!

c.       You will have no shortage of daylight.  We are in a part of the world where we are lucky enough to experience daylight until 10:30pm during our longest days.

d.       Late afternoon’s and evenings can often be some of the most calm and peaceful times of day.

e.       With our lives being as busy as they are, playing a bit later in the day allows for people to go into work and get done what they need to before heading out to play golf.  By playing a little later in the day there is no need to take a full day off of work which will allow you the freedom to completely decompress and not have to worry about anything other than experiencing the mountains, serenity, the wonderful people in your group…and that three foot putt you just missed!!

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There are so many special reasons to come and visit Kananaskis Country Golf Course this year.  With two beautifully restored golf courses to play, spectacular renovations to our Clubhouse, Golf Shop, Tournament Center, and Snack Shacks, and a chance to reconnect with some old friends – we can’t wait to see you.  Let’s celebrate together the wonderful re-introduction of Kananaskis Country Golf Course to our friends, family, and supporters!  Now that you know some of our best kept secrets, we look forward to sharing more with you when we see you in 2018!  Thanks for all of your support!!




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