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The Alberta Advantage

To all of our friends who live in this amazing province of Alberta it is time to honestly answer a question!  Are you ready?  If someone walked up to you and gave you $5 how would that make you feel?  Would you go out and buy a Lottery ticket?  Would you grab a coffee at TImmys? 

What about $10?  $20?  What if I told you there is a place that will put $30 in your pocket every time you come out for a game of golf?  What would you do?  What would you buy with it?  Would you go there for a visit? 


For our friends and supporters from within the borders of Alberta, we have a little something extra special for you.  A $30 gift.  As an individual golfer who comes to check in at the golf course to play as a single, twosome, threesome, foursome, or even part of a group of 8, all you need to do when you check in is show our friendly team at the counter your Alberta Driver’s license and they will take $30 off of your already low Green Fee!  That’s it…that’s all.  Just show ‘em where you live and bam…30 bucks!  Doesn’t get much easier than that!!



No matter who you are, whether you are from Edmonton, Indus, Bonnyville, New York, London, Paris, or Reykjavik Iceland you will experience INCREDIBLE value at the Kananaskis Country Golf Course.  Complimentary valet and driving range, a menu that is incredibly priced, an entertaining and fun Golf Shop stocked with great brands at everyday low prices, and green fees that have been celebrated by publications like Golf Digest as one of North America’s greatest values.  Kananaskis Country Golf Course is truly a special place.


Back in the late 70’s when the golf courses were first proposed to be built, Premier Peter Lougheed wanted to create a legacy for Albertans to enjoy for generations to come.  He proposed the development of Kananaskis Country which included summer and winter destinations where Albertans could experience the beauty of the Canadian Rockies outside of the National Parks…something that was truly Albertan.  Part of that development was Kananaskis Country Golf Course – a summer destination that would be built with funds secured from the Heritage Trust Fund – a fund created with royalties from the Oil and Gas business.  One of Mr. Lougheed’s mandates with the construction of this special place was that Albertans, who helped build this facility with the royalties, would be treated to a World Class and value laden experience.  Kan-Alta Golf Management Ltd. has managed the facility since it first opened in 1983 and in honor or Premier Lougheed’s vision we created a discounted rate for Albertans that has been in existence since the original opening.


Kananaskis Visionary & former Alberta Premier - Mr. Peter Lougheed



But here is thething…you need to bring your license.  Our team needs to be able to see that you are in fact from this great province of ours in order to get the discount.  This might shock you but people have been known to stretch the truth a little bit when they come to our wonderful facility and pretend they are from Alberta to try to get the special rate.  Help us out by ensuring you have that proof of Alberta residency!!

So, if you are an Albertan, we look forward to seeing you and your Alberta Driver’s License this season!!!

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#1 Lorette Drive, Kananaskis Alberta, AB T0L 2H0|Reservations: 403-591-7070|