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Swinging Kananaskis Country Golf Course off the Bucket List

It’s the smiles, it’s the laughter, and it’s the unforgettable memories that are created on and off the course, that make Kananaskis Country Golf Course so special to many. Having the course re-open as a 36-hole facility for the 2018 season, means we can now continue to host generations of golfers, long-standing Albertans, and guests travelling to the Canadian Rockies from overseas. 

And speaking of hosting guests, we had the opportunity to welcome two well-known golfers in the industry this past season: Sean Ogle of ‘Breaking Eighty,’ and Scott Lindsay of ‘The Weekend Golfer,’ both breaking boundaries and making the world of golf a more accessible sport – each in their signature way. 

The reason we love these Sean and Scott so much is because to of their ability to have so much fun out on the course, while still scoring unbelievable scores. They have the ability to see the game of golf through the lens of so many different skill levels of golfers. 

Bringing back the passion, the enjoyment, and the gaiety back into the sport of golf is what Kananaskis Country Golf Course is all about – and let us tell you, spending time with these two was our absolute pleasure. 

We sat down with them after their round to hear their take on the course, and hear everything from their best golf hacks to their take on Canadian Rockies’ golf. 

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What were you looking forward to the most, leading up to your trip to Kananaskis Country Golf Course? 

Sean: It has been most incredible seeing a place that was completely devastated, rebuilt. We have heard so many stories about the redevlopment of the courses here in Kananaskis, and hearing the details from Bob and Darren were mind-blowing. Then, actually getting to see the final result in person gave it that extra wow-factor. The mountain views make this place very special.

Scott: This course was in the Top 20 Courses in Canada and had to be restored from essentially nothing – that story in itself is awesome. The views, wildlife, and remoteness of this world-class course make it so unique. It feels like you’re in the middle of the woods, it’s by far the most remote course I have ever played.  

What is your reaction to the restoration of the course – hearing the before and seeing the after?  

Sean: My first reaction is that they are doing everything right. The early 70s and 80s were a dark age for golf – in terms of making the game as challenging as possible - and within this restoration they have hit every aspect of a modern world-class golf course; it’s a course for everyone.  From the club, the initial greeting when you drive up, the service, and the tees they’ve thought of everything!  

Scott: I think their ability to rebuild the course without any permanent scars is super impressive. If you didn’t know the story and the history, you would be out there playing without even knowing it. Incorporating their new starter tee boxes is key to welcoming new or less-ecperienced golfers – that was smart. Most courses are following suit and building smaller par 3 courses, because it’s more about the experience on the course these days, rather than playing to an extreme level of difficulty. 

What sets this course apart from others in the area? 

Sean: It’s a world class course that is accessible to everyone – simple. Hearing about how much this place means to the locals, and that the KCGC team recognizes that is so special. Their emphasis to make it accessible to golfers of all levels during the reconstruction says a lot. 

Scott: Aside from the gorgeous views at every turn, it’s the people. There is a greeter at the door that ensures you know where to go, which gives it this consistent family-like atmosphere – and you feel this throughout the entirety of the course. It’s also incredibly affordable, and has a great pace-of-play, and is located in the heart of this stunning mountain range. That’s the trilogy of what every course should have! 

What do you love about the Canadian Rockies? 

Sean: Hands down the views, it’s spectacular out here. No matter what you’re doing, it’s made that much better by the backdrop!

Scott: You’re immersed in the woods and the mountains and completely in nature. The beautiful aesthetic is followed through, no matter where you go. Everything out here embodies the authentic mountain life and makes it a life-changing destination.

What else (other than golf) would you recommend experiencing in the Rockies? 

Sean: The Icefield Parkway (Highway 93) road trip. That drive is breathtaking set to the backdrop of crisp blue lakes and rugged mountains. There’s really nothing like it anywhere else in the world! 

Scott: The Gondola ride up to the summit of Banff’s Sulphur Mountain is super impressive, along with witnessing the green and blue lakes. There is just something about seeing it in person that does it more justice than the photos.

What is your go-to snack to refuel out on the course? 

Sean: Cashews! 

Scott: Beef Jerky – no questions asked! 

What is your top golf hack? 

Sean: When you’re golfing and traveling, always bring soft spike shoes. I wear ECCO shoes, so I don’t have to worry about them when I’m on the road. Plus, then you don’t have to change your shoes when you head to the bar afterward! 

Scott: I use my wife’s nail polish to mark my ball, it stays on better than a permanent marker. Shameless, but hey, it works!

What adjectives would you use to describe this area? 

Sean: Grand. Everything from the courses to the mountains, to the hotels. Everything about this experience has been big. 

Scott: Breathtaking and inspiring. This place truly inspires you to keep on playing golf. It’s truly rejuvenating.

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