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What's up...I hear there are no tee times left for 2018?

We are going to provide you with two statements.  One of them is true and the other is false.
1) Kananaskis Country Golf Course has the most unbelievably loyal and passionate fans in the game of golf.
2) Due to the fact that the golf courses have been closed for five years and there is pent up demand - there are no tee times left for the 2018 season.
Read on to see which statement is true and which one is false!

There is no question that our facility is supported by some of the most fervent, passionate, fantastic, and loyal followers that can be found anywhere on the planet. During the summer of 2013 that fact became obvious to us that people from all over the world loved this special part of the world and their hearts were breaking at the thought that it might never return.

Now five years later, after the news of the restoration and the impending construction took place, we continue to receive incredible support through social media, emails, phone calls, and face to face conversations about how much excitement is building around the 2018 golf season.  People want to see what the facility looks like now and see the changes for themselves.  They also just want to be surrounded by the beauty of the area again along with the incredible people that make up our Kananaskis Country Golf Course family.

On Monday March 12th at 8:00 am we saw again just how passionate our supporters are about Alberta’s golf course.  Despite our web provider beefing up their server size and bracing for very high levels of demand - our wonderful Kan Fans were still able to crash their servers due to their strength in numbers…numbers that set all kinds of records for us and our internet provider as it relates to green fee bookings in a day.

Despite the large early demand for tee times, it is important for all of you to know that there are still many great times available to come out to play Kananaskis Country Golf Course.  There is no question that peak times between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm are filling up fast but there are still options earlier in the season and later in the season during those time parameters.  Also, if you haven’t experienced the magic of this facility earlier in the morning (6:30 to 8:30) or later on in the afternoon or early evening, there are a number of amazing attributes to playing during these times – including easier access to the golf course.

Even if a tee time is booked currently, there is always turnover of those prime times as guests plans change over the year.   It is definitely worth checking back on-line or with our reservation office if playing in prime time is important to you. 

In addition to having a great conversation with our friendly sales office there is yet another great reason to call in and talk with them!  Brand new for 2018 is the ability to go on a WAITING LIST if you call in to our reservation office at 1-877-591-2525 – 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. If you have a particular day at a particular time you want to play and it is currently booked, please call one of our team at the toll free number and ask to go on our waiting list for that day.  It will be done and then when the time opens up, we will call you to see if you want to book!


We look forward to keeping in touch with you over the season and showing you all of the wonderful things that our Restoration team has done to take this special place to the next level for generations to come!


#1 Lorette Drive, Kananaskis Alberta, AB T0L 2H0|Reservations: 403-591-7070|